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CS2 is a one minute study, a championship of a lifetime. This makes it so attractive to hundreds of thousands of players every day, but it can also be frustrating for new players. There are thousands of tutorials for this game, and if you want, you could spend a whole day reading something complex, which is a complete bouncer to you. But if you are a beginner, you might be scrolling for something “basic”. So, here is this guide for beginners.

CS2 remains one of the most popular games on Steam over the years. Many are familiar with Counter-Strike’s name, either by playing an older iteration or by checking out the still-hugely popular Twitch game at one of the many esports events.

Starting with the right setting

Downloading and installing isn’t all that difficult, but once you’re into the game, there are several settings you can change. The options seem endless, from finding the best cross for you to find the best sensitivity or even screen resolution. For new players, it is best to try to convert what you previously used in other games. If you are new to first-person shooters, don’t worry, you can try to feel each sensibility that suits you best. However, it is advisable to play with relatively low sensitivity.

Starting the game

In shooting games, most people want to get in line immediately from the racing game mode in CS2, but there are a few requirements before you can do that. First, players must reach personal rank 2 to begin their ranking experience, as this forces new players to take at least some action to skip the game before playing a game where each spin can count. The simplest game is, of course, Deathmatch.

In this mode, players can choose their weapon from the purchase menu or receive a random weapon when it appears. This gives you a good idea of ​​what types of weapons are out there and which might suit your play style. If you want to jump into the game like a pro player, you may buy a faceit level 10 account from a service provider. However, if you are willing to pay the premium, then what are you waiting for? Buy and ace your game like a player.