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Weirdest Things Caught on Security Camera

Security cameras catch more than thefts. Here are eight weird things caught on camera.
Security cameras bandar poker online are typically used as a protection device against theft, to monitor children and to protect your home or business from burglars. However, they can also be a great asset for capturing weird and unusual happenings.
Unusual events are frequently caught on security cameras and video, many times after business hours.
Whether it’s capturing people behaving weirdly or not-so-typical pets being walked on leashes, video cameras can protect your business and provide you with a bit of entertainment.
It’s important to take the security of your business seriously. From cyberattacks to thefts, your business can be targeted on multiple fronts, and it’s hard to be profitable when you can’t protect your assets.

Some business owners use security cameras to protect their property and products. However, security cameras also capture odd situations on tape. We talked to business owners, and here are eight weird things they have caught on camera.

Lightning striking a tree
“I arrived at the office one day, and a VERY large tree was laying in the parking lot,” said Bret Bonnet, president and co-founder of Quality Logo Products. “Turns out it got hit by lightning and the camera captured the entire thing. It looked like something straight out a Hollywood movie or National Geographic.”

Someone ‘fertilizing’ the bushes
“I’ve caught people defecating in the bushes outside of the corner office,” Bonnet said. “When looking through the footage, I saw a suspicious person walking through the parking lot, and before leaving, they dropped their pants and fertilized the bushes for us.”

Someone stopping for lunch while parking
“One of the weirdest things I’ve seen on a security camera at work was someone taking 30 minutes to park their car in our parking lot,” said Brian Sheehan, marketing and sales manager at Hollingsworth. “They would pull out, back in, turn too wide and almost hit another car, [then] they would go to a different row, only to come back to their original spot.”

At one point, Sheehan said, they got out of the car, looked through their trunk and then ate lunch. “They then went into the car and reparked it again. It was confusing to watch, and I do not know what their intentions were.”

Casual bird-walking
“I’ve also seen a person walking around with a bird on a leash,” Sheehan said. “It would fly from their shoulder to the ground and walk in front of the person like a dog.”