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Netizens Trash Song Ji Hyo’s Stylist For Her Hideous Outfits And Unflattering Hairstyles On “Running Man”

Alongside a post accumulating different photographs of Song Ji Hyo’s ongoing outfits on SBS’s Running Man, netizens are raising their voice to censure Song Ji Hyo’s beautician for giving her ghastly outfits and unflattering haircuts that don’t do her magnificence equity.

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The post contains different photographs of Song Ji Hyo in late scenes of Running Man.

She is frequently observed wearing a cap, and when she doesn’t, her hair doesn’t look especially styled.

What’s more, during a scene that circulated recently, the cast even kidded about Song Ji Hyo’s hairdo with comments, for example, “That is so 80s”, “Mother from back in the days”, and “Aunties used to do that hair a ton”.

Besides, her outfits have as of late comprised of larger than usual shirts, coats, and jeans, that don’t especially compliment Song Ji Hyo’s figure.