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See how much faster the iPhone 11 Pro is

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were really popular smartphones and Apple sold them up until about a year and a half ago. There are lots of customers who are still using the devices but with A9 processors from 2015, they’re starting to show their age (not to mention battery performance throttling). If you’re curious how much faster a new iPhone would be compared to your iPhone 6s, check out the latest speed test pitting the two against each other.

Apple released the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in September 2015 and being the second-generation of Apple’s design change from the iPhone 5/5s and the offering of a larger-screened iPhone with the 6s Plus, they were hugely popular. The 6s and 6s Plus even remained the most used iPhones into 2018.

Apple officially discontinued the phones in September 2018 although the 6s/6s Plus are still available from third-party retailers. Notably, Apple’s latest software release, iOS 13 is compatible with the 6s.

If you still have or use an iPhone 6s, you’ve likely noticed performance slowing down over the years, especially as the battery degrades and performance throttling kicks in.

So for everyone wondering the difference between the iPhone 6s and 11 Pro, YouTuber PhoneBuff got his hands on a new, in the box 6s to test it out.


Apple’s new cheaper, smaller iPhone might be hard to buy when it arrives, according to new reports.

Supply of the handset – known as the iPhone SE 2 or the iPhone 9 – could be constrained owing to the spread of coronavirus, according to a new report from Nikkei.

Reports have already suggested that Apple is stil on schedule to launch the phone as expected, at the end of March. Despite the problems with coronavirus and the related issues, the company is said to be still on track with the phone.

But the new report suggests that the spread of the virus could hit supply, leading to constrained availability for those trying to buy the phone.

Though the company is on schedule for the launch it is likely to miss the schedule for mass producing the cheaper phone, the Nikkei Asian Review reported.

The company had asked suppliers to make 15 million of the phones ready for the first half of the year, the outlet previous reported. Mass production was meant to start at the end of February but is now likely not to begin until March, it said.

The claim came soon after Apple warned that it was likely to miss its sales forecasts because of the disease outbreak.

The spread of the disease in China – which is a major market for both buying and making Apple products – has led to a variety of issues for the company, including closed stores and slower than usual manufacturing.

When the original iPhone SE was released, in March 2016, it was also difficult to buy amid constrained supply. Apple was said then to have been surprised by the interest in the smaller phone, which packed newer parts into an older and smaller design.

The new iPhone is rumoured to take largely the same approach, using the basic design found in the iPhone 8 but filling it with faster and newer internal parts.

Coronavirus threatens significant delay, Update News Daily From Iphone

According to supply chain experts and former Apple employees, this time of year is when company engineers travel to China to map out with assembly lines for prototypes. Because Apple uses custom parts, February is a key month for finalizing plans before full-fledged manufacturing for fall iPhones begins.

Although iPhone 12 production wouldn’t ramp up until the summer, current factory shutdowns and limited communication in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak are expected to slow down the typical timeline.

“You’re really talking about two lost months, which in the consumer electronics cycle is huge,” an executive at a semiconductor firm told Reuters.

Apple declined to comment to Reuters, so it’s unconfirmed that the iPhone 12 production is behind schedule. However, the virus already caused Apple issue a warning about missing its March revenue targets as factory shutdowns are cutting into its supply of current iPhones. The company also closed its China stores for several weeks last month, and has only reopened half its locations since.

There are rumors that the iPhone SE 2, or iPhone 9, is currently facing a production delay, too. Although several signs point to a budget iPhone debuting at the end of March, Apple has not confirmed that such a device is even in development.

Apple isn’t the only tech company feeling the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. Mobile World Congress, the industry’s largest phone show, was cancelled after several high-profile attendees pulled out over health concerns.

Game Developers Conference is also in limbo, as companies like Facebook and Sony (and its PS5) have already said they won’t be participating in San Francisco-based show.